Personal trainer / Functional Aging Specialist

A guided tour in the use of the machines and other training possibilities in our gym. You can choose from 30 to 60 minutes at the time, until you feel confident to train on your own. Together with build up a program that is suitable to your needs. Our service includes medical advice and guidance from diabetic nurse.

Individual Training:

You get a code to go in to our facilities and train when it suits you better and a free introduction on how to use the machines (1 or 2 hours with or Functional Training Specialist, depending on your needs)

Zumba Workshop

A class to learn how to dance with easy steps, Latin and other rhythms of all around the world. Flamenco, Salsa, Cumbia, Tango, Belly Dance among others.

Easy Pilates Workshop

A class to learn a good breathing technique, how to control the core, pelvic and back muscles, learn to distribute and relax the muscle tension while training and gain flexibility of the back. Regular practice of easy Pilates improves also the health and range of motion of the joints.

Full body stretching

Guided class with the aim to improve flexibility and range of motion.


Swim spa

We recommend you include our swim spa experience, once per week. To achieve maximum results of your training. Book our 2 hours swim spa experience . (2 people at the time). It includes an ginger shot, tropical fruit and water.